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Life is about balance.  Balance at work, rest and play.  At Balance and Motion Massage Therapy the goal is to help you find your balance so that you can continue performing your activities.  This can be achieved in many ways including improving your muscle flexibility, calming your body’s response to stress or recovering from an injury.

At Balance and Motion, every client is treated as an individual.  Your situation is unique and will be evaluated and addressed with the techniques and exercises to suit your needs.

Conditions treated with massage and Active Release Techniques® include:

Headaches Sciatica Sprains
Stress Back Pain Whiplash
Tendinitis Frozen Shoulder Repetitive Strain
Carpal Tunnel Thoracic Outlet Piriformis Syndrome
Sports related conditions include:
Torn Muscle Plantar Fasciitis Illiotiabial Band Syndrome
Knee Pain Golfer’s Elbow Patellofemoral Syndrome
Tennis Elbow Aching muscles Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Runner’s Knee Shin Splints  
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