Hej! Jag heter Paula

By: Paula Burchat, BA, RMT, CSMTA(SF) • July 23, 2022

BMMT is off to Sweden.

It’s hard to believe I treated my last client this past week.  For now anyway.  It’s been a road of ups and downs to get to this point and moving to Sweden seems more like a reality everyday.   We depart for Sweden in early August. We’ll be gone for 1-2 years depending on how things go for everyone.  With Carl’s work contract, we have the choice to either come home August 2023 or August 2024.

I will be taking some time to help Laurel get settled at school.  I do have a work visa.  If I do work it will only be part time as I will be the family travel agent.  We plan to see as much of Europe as we can while we are there. I will be taking courses in Europe.  I’m booked for two courses in Ayr, Scotland in mid September.    

I will truly miss seeing you, my clients.  I love working with you.  I love hearing your stories and I am motivated to help each person who comes in my door.  It’s been almost exactly 17 years since I began my RMT career.  I feel confident in my abilities and I look forward to continuing my education in Europe and coming home a better therapist than I am now.  

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been coming in for 17 years or 7 days, I am always looking to find the best solution for your specific issues.  To that end, I leave you with a list of therapists who I know and trust.  I have been treated by most of them or know them well.   

Continuum Fitness www.continuumfitness.ca

Madison Brennan, RMT, CSMTA (Candidate) (I’ve been mentoring Madison for a year now as a sport massage therapist).

Sarah Zahab, Personal Trainer, B. Kin.

Vitalpoint Massage Therapy www.vitalpoint.ca

Michael Michaud, RMT (massage and A.R.T)

Leslie Tashlin, RMT (classical massage)

Ottawa Ostepathy and Sport Therapy www.ottawaosteopath.com

Shauna Ironside, AT, DOMP (Osteopath)

TMJ Clinic www.tmjphysioclinic.com

Dustin Pallson, Physiotherapist (She doesn’t just treat TMJ issues.  She is a TA with me for Visceral Manipulation courses at Barral Institute)

Cindy Rivard, RMT cindy.massagermt@gmail.com (TA’s with me for Visceral Manipulation at Barral Institute.  She’s located in Orleans.)

Each of the larger clinics listed also has other physiotherapists, osteopaths and RMT’s who may be able to help as well.  I have listed the ones I know personally.

My email address will remain active; please feel free to reach out anytime.   My website will remain up.  I may collapse my BMMT Facebook page into my personal page.  Most of our adventures will be on Facebook.

Best wishes and until we meet again…

Hej då!


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