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Stop RICEing and Move

By: Paula Burchat, RMT, SMT(C) • September 21, 2017

For many years we have RICE’d when injured -Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This should no longer be the case. Over the last few decades research has demonstrated that immobilizing joints and limbs does not speed healing; that ice doesn’t reduce swelling; and compression leads to an accumulation of swelling not a reduction. A very […]

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Move It or Lose It

By: Paula Burchat, RMT, SMT(C) • May 7, 2016

Each year my birthday seems to come around faster and faster.  It propelled me to take an interest in how I should change my fitness program as I get older.   As a long time runner, I’ve had my share of injuries and as a certified Sport Massage Therapist SMT(C) I’ve seen some athletes running well […]

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How to get to sleep, get better sleep and stay asleep

By: Paula Burchat, RMT, SMT(C) • October 30, 2015

Not everyone can fall asleep easily or stay asleep all night. This can have a detrimental on your life because sleep is integral to your health, wellbeing and productivity.  Generally, most people assume that sleep will just happen, but some people need to take an attentive and methodical approach to getting better sleep. Sleep, like […]

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Five Steps for Recovery: Post Training and Post Race

By: Paula Burchat, RMT, SMT(C) • June 2, 2015

Five Steps for Recovery: Post Training and Post Race Many people think of training as simply going out and doing their sport, but an important aspect of training is recovery. Recovery is the downtime your body needs to adapt to the training stimulus; and it’s a process that, like training, must be learned and repeated […]

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