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Balance and Motion provides a variety of massage therapy services including Classical Massage, Visceral Manipulation, Neuromeningeal as well as Active Release Techniques®. Massage therapy techniques are used to increase muscle flexibility, promote relaxation and decrease stress levels. These techniques are effective in reducing or managing pain due to physical trauma, inflammation, structural restrictions.

Your first visit

BMMT is located in my home at 50 Hutchison Ave off Parkdale south of the Queensway near the Civic Hospital. Parking is in the driveway on the interlocking brick or at the very end of the drive. Please leave room for another client beside you. The entrance to the clinic is at the side of the house near the garage. Come in and come downstairs.

Booking and Payment

To book an appointment it is best to do so online to guarantee your spot. When phoning or email requests come in I cannot guarantee a booking until it is confirmed online.

Payment is by cash, cheque or interac email transfer. You will receive a receipt after each treatment that contains all required insurance related information.

What to expect

During your initial visit you will fill out a health history form and a physical assessment will be conducted. This provides valuable information in the development of an effective treatment plan for you. Please bring a pair of athletic shorts and a sports bra or tank top.


Your treatment may include different techniques depending on the results of your assessment.  I will often combine techniques in one treatment.Each technique has a specific purpose and achieves different goals including: lengthening tissue, releasing trigger points, loosen adhesions in muscle fiber and reducing pain and muscle tension.

Sport Massage

Sport massage helps to enhance an athlete’s performance and training. As a certified member of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists’ Association, I trained for over 4 years to become adept at the different requirements of a sport therapist including becoming a Sport First Responder. Sport massage is not a technique; it is an approach and understanding of how to treat and athlete during training, during competition and in recovery. It comprises rehabilitation assessment and treatment for injuries; pre, during and post event treatment; and post training or post event recovery.

Most often, sport massage is used during training to help athletes recover from injury and prepare for competition. A visit with a massage therapist during training can also help identify muscle imbalances and identify areas where problems may be developing.

Relaxation Massage

Stress reduction is the basis of every massage treatment. Specifically, relaxation massage aids in decreasing your body’s response to stress by helping to reduce the nervous system firing that trigger’s the “fight and flight” response. You will likely experience a decrease in muscle tension, a slower, calmer breathing pattern, and a mild drowsiness. Don’t be surprised if your stomach gurgles…this is a good sign that your body is turning off the stress response and blood is flowing back to your abdominal organs.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage can be used to address a specific injury, condition, or pain. It can be used during acute, subacute or chronic stages of healing. During acute stages a milder treatment may be used to help reduce inflammation whereas later stages may require more aggressive treatment techniques to eliminate scar tissue or trigger points in the soft tissue.

Remedial Exercise

Following each treatment, specific exercises will be indicated for you to perform on your own. Stretching is usually the first step to help regain muscle flexibility and reinforce changes made during the treatment. As the treatments progress stabilization and strengthen will be utilized. This entire process is important to achieve effective healing. While manual therapies help increase flexibility and reduce serious muscle dysfunction, remedial exercises are required to re-educate the tissue to function properly and ensure the problem does not reoccur.

Cancellation Policy

You are required to provide 24 hours notice of a cancellation. For cancellations within 24 hours, there will be a $60 fee charged for missed appointments. Please call directly at (613) 301-3131 for any cancellations.


Massage & A.R.T®

$ 110

60 Minutes

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